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Simply Beautiful Open Closet Design

  • by Nico Webster

Here at Ironweb Furnishings we embrace the simplicity and beauty of open closet design. Not all rooms have the luxury of a designated closet space, that's where our wall system can help. We focus on using the best materials, simplifying  installation, and prioritizing aesthetic. The perfect accent wall, these handmade clothing rack systems can compliment any room.

Not only do these racks look great, but they are also extremely functional. These racks are easily re-configured with quick-connect technology. We use quick-connect couplings for installation of hanging bars to square tube wall frame. We also use quick-release pins for side hang bars. Click Here to view an installation video. 

Open closet bar installation

Benefits of a beautiful open closet

  1. Having your clothing on display will promote a more organized closet. At one time or another we are all guilty of throwing our worn clothes on the floor after a long day and closing the closet door. With an open closet you will want to keep your clothes and accessories organized and easily accessible. Adding a beautiful woven laundry basket can help hide worn clothing.
  2. An open closet can add value to your home. Got an unused spare room? Add one of our open closet systems to turn that cold, lonely spare room into a warm, useful spare bedroom. Adding an additional bedroom can help greatly towards the value of your home.
  3. Another great benefit of an open closet is less spending. This is for the budget minded members of your household. If your clothing is visible in your open closet, it can help reduce the amount of spending on new clothing or accessories. When we place things at the back of our full closets, it can easily become forgotten. On the contrary, if our clothes are visible, it's not forgotten and most likely worn.

We are always looking to make our open closet systems better. Constantly adding new ways to organize your beautiful clothing. If you have any ideas or comments on how to make our closet systems better, please share below.



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