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Our Why

Where It All Began

Hello, my name is Nico Webster, I’m one of the brothers that works here at Ironweb Furnishings. DIY is something that is a huge part of my life. I love working with my hands and learning new skills & techniques. These skills will bode well in the creation of the Ironweb Wall System.

Back in 2016, my wife made the decision to use her passion for fashion towards retail. After having a discussion with the family, we decided to support her and look forward to a new adventure. My wife placed a large order then looked at me and said, “Where are we going to put these clothes, and how will I display them?” We had the perfect room for this, our unused sun-room. It wasn’t large so we had to be smart about the layout to maximize the space. Knowing that we had to maximize our space in this small room, we had to have a multi-level rack system. After a few web searches it was apparent that I would need to build my own racks. Being a DIY guy, I knew a trip to home depot was in my future. After viewing some inspirational photos, making the racks out of black steel plumbing pipe was the way to go. My wife and I decided how these racks should be laid out and I figured out the material that was needed to complete the project.

After purchasing all the necessary materials for the racks, it was time to start assembly. Threading all the pipes together was not easy. When threading these pipes you must start from one end then work your way one piece at a time to the end. I needed to be methodical when assembling these pipes, I didn’t want to make a mistake and have to start from the beginning. Although these plumbing pipes look great and are very strong, they were not designed to make racks that hold clothing. With that being said, I put on my big boy pants and continued to complete the project. Once completed my wife love them and was very appreciative.

Once we received the clothing, my wife started to populate the racks with beautiful and colorful clothing. She purchased a variety of different styles. Long dresses, short skirts, long shirts, tanks, leggings, etc. After hanging all the beautiful clothing she came to me and said, “I need more space for my long dresses”. I then looked at her and said, “Are you kidding me?” We thought we planned the layout properly with the clothing she was receiving, but it turns out we didn’t. We under-estimated the amount of space required for her long dresses. I thought to my self, there has to be a better way. What if there was a modular system that can be easily re-configured without tools and threads. This started the development of the Ironweb Wall System.

The system needed to be strong, clothing can be very heavy. It needed to be re-configurable, it needed to increase walking space, but most importantly it needed to be attractive. When displaying your beautiful clothing, the last thing you want to do is put them on a rusty unattractive rack that decrease the value of your product. It took several years to perfect, but after working with my brother at our machine shop, and having my wife test the system we landed on the perfect rack. Take a look for yourself, I guarantee that you are going to see the value and need for these racks.

How It Works

Pipe Installation Video

This wall system in constructed from iron square tubing. The manufacturing of the wall frame components comprises machining, welding and powder coating. The wall frame comes in 6 pieces, each piece is connect via a solid square coupling fastened by pan head screws.

The quick-connect couplings are made with +/- .001" precision. The quick-connect coupling components are made with 303 stainless steel to prevent rust and product malfunction. Parts that aren't stainless steel have been powder coated for rust prevention. Due to the rust preventing qualities of this system, it has the ability to be installed in garages or damp basements.

After the frame is securely fastened to the wall studs, it's time to connect 9" Male pins. When the 9" Male pins are locked in the female coupling, quickly install side hang bar or face-out cap using quick-release pins. (click & drag arrows vertically to view these options) click here for our installation guide or watch the pipe installation video

Below you will find different ways to configure your components, simply click & drag the arrows to view some options.

A patent is pending for the Ironweb Wall System. The patent was filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.